The Ways to Play


Our version of MineCraft is modified - meaning you cannot join unless you the same modifications that we have. There are two different ways to get these mods.

  1. The Technic Launcher
    • A verified version of MineCraft that allows you to download premade configurations of the game in the form of "Modpacks".
    • You are automatically updated if you choose this way to play.
  2. The Manual Way
    • We have compiled all of the modifications needed, you will have to transfer them to your MineCraft Folder correctly to play.

The Technic Launcher

Below is the official page for the Technic Launcher. Once you have installed this, you can use the link below to get our modpack.

You can also use the search function and type in "The War of the Ring MC".

  1. The Technic Launcher Page & Download.
  2. War of the Ring MC Technic Modpack.

The Manual Way

Before we begin, you need to make sure that you have a Modified 1.7.10 MineCraft with Forge. Then you will need to add our mods from the pack. Finally, if you want a more immersive experience download our Resource Pack!

  1. [Forge Install Tutorial for MineCraft 1.7.10][0]*

  2. All Mods needed to connect.*

  3. *Resource Pack.