The Ways to Play


The Technic Launcher

Launcher Download.

Modpack Download.

Resource Pack. - For Horn Sounds and Nazgul Screams

This is typically the most consistent way to connect. Below we have a list of the required modifications you will need. Feel free to add any additional mods as long as they do not give you, or any others, and unfair advantage.

The Manual Way

This will require some time to install, but you will have the most amount of control as to what you want in the game.

You will need MineCraft 1.7.10, and a Forge Modified Version.


We have provided a manual download that has the Forge Version, Mods, and Config files.

Manual Forge/Mods/Configs.

The Primary Mods:

You will need these mods to join the server, other ones can be added but if they give you, or someone else an advantage, they are prohibited.

The Lord of the Rings Mod




-You will need to rebind the Quest Key to Y


-If you join and the screen is all Black, you will need to go into your controls. Then find the Character Screen Key (F12 Default). Then once you change that key, press it, and change "Point of View" to "No"